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Four Considerations in Choosing Your Wedding Date When There are 365 Choices

Finding the perfect wedding date, the one that will forever mark the beginning of your shared journey, can be an exciting yet daunting task. With 365 days to choose from, how do you narrow it down to that one special date? As a Charlotte wedding photographer, I am here to guide you through the process and offer some suggestions to consider. From specific dates and seasons to weather and guest availability, let's delve into the elements that can help you find the ideal wedding date, ensuring a celebration that is as unique and meaningful as your love story.

Helpful tips in choosing your wedding date

Specific Date

Let's start with the idea of a specific date. Is there a particular day that holds significance for both of you? Perhaps it's the day of your first date, even if it involved a hilariously messy spaghetti mishap. Consider elevating its meaning by making it your anniversary. Another option is to pay tribute to your grandparents by sharing their anniversary date, adding a beautiful connection to your own love story.

Specific Season

Now, let's explore the concept of a specific season. Is there a particular time of year that you both adore? Visualize the kind of anniversary vacations you'd love to have. Take a moment to appreciate the unique beauty that each season brings. Even if spring rain may draw criticism, remember that skilled wedding photographers have a "rain plan" and can turn it into an asset, capturing stunning images with umbrellas. Fall remains a favorite season for family portraits and weddings, with Saturday, October 12th, ranking as the most popular wedding date according to However, every season offers its own charm and lends itself to beautiful photography.

Specific Weather

Consider the weather as another factor in selecting your ideal wedding date. Envision the moment when you walk hand in hand to your getaway car. Do you imagine delicate snowflakes falling or a gentle summer breeze caressing your faces? If you plan on having an outdoor wedding, the weather becomes a crucial consideration. Reflect on how you want to feel in that setting and how you want your guests to experience it. For summer weddings, provide fans to keep everyone cool and prevent them from gazing longingly at the inviting swimming pool nearby.

This is a BIG one: Specific Guests

Now, let's address a significant aspect: your guests. Are there certain individuals whom you absolutely must have by your side on your special day? Reach out to these beloved family members and friends, ensuring that they can prioritize your wedding over any previously booked commitments. Flexibility is key here; be open to adjusting the date so that your cherished guests can be present. In our line of work, we often capture military weddings, where date selection is influenced by when a loved one can obtain leave from deployment. Prioritizing their attendance creates an unforgettable bond between your wedding date and their presence.

Pick a date or season that you will love to celebrate your anniversary. Have fun finding your specific, special wedding date. Besides, then you can enjoy some rest from the “When are you getting married?” question.

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