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  • Charlotte Photographer: Tim Souza

Four Considerations in Choosing Your Wedding Date When There are 365 Choices

You have 365 days that could become your one special wedding date that forever forward will be your anniversary date. How do you find just one? There’s so many! But, don’t be overwhelmed. Allow this Charlotte wedding photographer to suggest some thing to consider in finding your one perfect, special wedding date.

Helpful tips in choosing your wedding date

Specific Date

Is there a special date for the two of you? It could be when you had your first date—no matter how embarrassing it was (you know, you ordered spaghetti and ended up wearing some of it). Consider making it even more meaningful by making it your anniversary. Or you could honor your grandparents by sharing their anniversary date.

Specific Season

Do you have a season that you love? Think of a time when you would like to have your anniversary vacations. Look at your season options and be encouraged that they all have a beauty of their own. People may constantly criticize the spring rain, but you can have beautiful pictures with umbrellas. Experienced wedding photographers have a “rain plan” and can use the rain as an asset to making gorgeous photos. By far the post popular season for family portraits and weddings are the fall. According to, the most popular wedding date is Saturday, October 12th. The next most popular dates all fall well within the borders of fall. Every season has its own beauty and beautiful photos are captured in all seasons.

Specific Weather

Any ideas on how you want the weather to be like when you walk to your get-away car? Do you want snowflakes falling or summer breeze blowing? If you’re having an outdoor wedding, of course weather is a major factor. Think about how you want to feel outside and how you want your guests to feel. Provide fans for an outdoor wedding in the summer so you don’t catch your guests gazing at the swimming pool behind you.

This is a BIG one: Specific Guests

Do you have any guests you must have at your wedding? Call family and friends who you want to absolutely be there. Make sure they can spend that time with you instead of on that cruise they booked months before. If you really want them at the wedding, be flexible to change the date so they can come. We shoot many military weddings and sometimes dates are chosen based on when a loved one can get leave from deployment.

Pick a date or season that you will love to celebrate your anniversary. Have fun finding your specific, special wedding date. Besides, then you can enjoy some rest from the “When are you getting married?” question.


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