hi, there! We're Trish & Tim



We are North Carolina wedding photographers who love Jesus and love photography.  After experimenting with my father's rangefinder film camera on a Jr. high field trip, I had a yearning to own a camera.  Shortly after, I used my life savings ($350) to purchase my very own film camera.  I appreciate the foundation that shooting film taught me - like getting the composition right, making sure focus is sharp, and developing a sharp eye for details.  It taught me not to be sloppy with cropping, metering, and lighting.  


We are a husband and wife team. Trish & Tim. We love to work together and make new friends who always seem to inspire and fascinate us. We have a lot of fun and laugh a lot while we work. A positive spirit is infectious at a wedding or portrait session and breaks the ice for anyone who feels a little nervous about the big day.


People give a precious piece of themselves when they are photographed. We take this trust seriously, and work hard to create images that reflect the beautiful spirit of each individual. In the process, a lot of high energy photos are taken, but also those intimate moments when you connect with your love ones.

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