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Separating the Great Photographers from the Exceptional

Spring is in the air, and women across the globe are squealing, “Yes, I’ll marry you!” and setting dates. With that comes a lot of responsibility, especially when finding a wedding photographer. The recent rise in popularity of high-quality cameras that can be found on every Smartphone, combined with a plethora of easy, one-click editing apps allow anyone to claim to be a professional photographer. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case; and not all photographers are created equally.

With hundreds of self-proclaimed wedding photographers advertising themselves online, you need to know how to separate the great photographers from the exceptional professionals. And here’s how you can do just that.

Browse their portfolio

One of the best ways to tell if a wedding photographer is a good one is to see it for yourself. Every professional photographer – or any artist, for that matter – understands the importance of a quality portfolio. This is where they can show you exactly what they’re capable of. If the wedding photographer you’re inquiring with doesn’t have a portfolio or any proof of their photography, raise the red flag immediately. Even if they’re fresh graduates, they should have examples of their work.

Determine their editing process

Professional wedding photography takes more than an expensive camera and pre-made photoshop filters. If it were that easy, anyone could shoot for The Knot, Wedding Style, and Vera Wang.

Quality and professional wedding photography requires a special eye. Everyone can take a photo, but not everyone can see beyond the lens. It’s similar to drawing or singing: everyone can do it, but not everyone is the next platinum artist.

How to tell if a wedding photographer is good has a lot to do with the processes they use to produce quality work. Editing is one of those factors. Determine if the processes your prospective wedding photography team uses fits your style. If they’re using some applications similar to the ones on an iPhone to edit your wedding, it’s time to throw the bouquet to someone else.

Check their credentials

Every photographer's background and experience is different. Some people are born with a natural talent, and if a wedding photographer is truly good, they should have something to show for it.

Not all wedding photographers will have published work, especially if they’re new to the industry. So look at testimonials, read customer reviews, and don't forget about their social media interactions.

Find some flexibility

Quality wedding photographers generally have their way of doing things - their own cameras, preferences, and ideas. However, any true professional photographer understands that the wedding day is yours – not theirs. As such, they engage you in the process and take your opinions, preferences, and ideas into consideration.

So, ask prospective wedding photographers if they’re able to accommodate a specific idea of yours, what they think of a particular theme, and if they’re willing to adapt for your big day. If not, you deserve to have a wedding photographer that will.

Finding a professional Charlotte photographer can be a daunting task. On such a memorable day of your life, you want a photographer with experience not only in using a camera, but also in working with family, friends and vendors. So, follow these tips for partnering with a photographer, and you’ll have amazing pictures that are worth more than a thousand words.

Contact our Charlotte wedding photography team today: we work to make your wedding photos everything you dreamed they would be.

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