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  • Charlotte Photographer: Tim Souza

Just Engaged? First 7 Things to Do

Wow! You just said “yes” to the most amazing question ever, “Will you marry me?” Feel a little unsure of what to do next? Let’s make it simple.

1. Call both sets of parents.

This Virginia wedding photographer first recommends you call your parents and his parents because they will want to hear the news from you, not your friends and definitely not from social media. Give them the honor of hearing from you first.

2. Insure your ring.

What happens when you realize your ring has plummeted to its death in the sink or the ocean? Well, nothing at that point except find a plumber or a scuba diver. So, make it a point to insure your ring as soon as possible. This is the most important ring you’ll ever wear on your finger—from the most wonderful person in your life. (Make sure to resize your ring at this point too since you don’t want it falling off your finger or making your finger numb.)

3. Set a budget.

Don’t start off the engagement period with ruffled feathers involving money. Begin a budget together since you’ll need one soon enough. Figure how much you want to spend, and calculate carefully to keep the wedding within your budget and at the venue you love.

4. Make a guest list.

Now that you have a budget, you need to see how many guests will fit in that budget. Soon, you need to send out Save the Date cards and invitations—don’t wait until the last moment to figure out how many of those you’ll need.

5. Find a venue.

Your guest list will help you find a venue. Why? Because you will then know how many people will need to fit in your venue. If you invite 150 people but book a beautiful chapel that seats 50—your guests may not be enthralled with your decision.

6. Set the date.

The question that all family and friends ask after 8,000 times of “When will you get engaged?” is “When will you get married?” Save yourself the headache of finding out who your pushy relatives and friends are by setting a date.

7. Take engagement photos.

Okay, one more step before you get to start the fun stuff—such as, finding your wedding dress. Take time to find a great photographer to take your engagement photos. You will need these photos for your Save the Date cards, invitations, and social media. These moments are precious, and you will want a lifetime of pictures to remember this beautiful occasion.

So, you feel like you’re in a whirlwind yet? Remember, the key to a successful wedding is breathe. Take one day at a time and one step at a time. Don’t let the overwhelming, increasing list become daunting. Let a wedding coordinator or your parents help you figure out everything for your special wedding day. Try to relax since the most important part about your wedding is marrying the person you love.

Written by Sarah Moore for Tim Souza Photography

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