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  • Charlotte Photographer: Tim Souza

Newly Engaged? Your First 7 Tasks Unveiled

Congratulations! You've responded with a heart-filled "yes" to the most enchanting proposition, "Will you marry me?" Feeling a bit mystified on what to do next? Fear not, let's break it down and keep it blissfully simple.

Inform your parents and best friends

As a seasoned wedding photographer from Charlotte, my initial advice would be to reach out to both your parents and your friends. They'll undoubtedly be overjoyed to receive this news straight from you, rather than second-hand through the grapevine or impersonally through social media. Honor them with the privilege of being the first to share your joy.

Safeguard your ring

Just picture this: your dazzling ring takes a dive down the sink or makes a splash into the deep sea. No amount of dismay can help then, unless you've got a plumber or a scuba diver on speed dial. So, ensure you get your ring insured posthaste. This piece of jewelry isn't just another accessory—it's a symbol of love from the most special person in your world. Remember to adjust its size as well, for you wouldn't want it slipping off or suffocating your finger.

Establish a budget

The start of your engagement shouldn't be clouded with financial disputes. So, embark on this journey by setting a budget, something you'll need to master as a couple. Decide on a sum that suits your circumstances, and keep a close eye on those numbers, ensuring your dream wedding stays within its boundaries without compromising your favored venue and vendors.

Draft a guest list

Having a budget in place, it's time to determine the number of guests who can comfortably fit within it. You'll soon be sending out Save the Date cards and invitations—don't procrastinate until the eleventh hour to finalize the guest count.

Select a venue

Your guest list forms the foundation of your venue selection. It's a numbers game—you need to secure a location that can comfortably accommodate all your guests. If your guest list stretches to 150, but your dream chapel only seats 50, you might face some disgruntled attendees.

Decide on the date

In the aftermath of the "When are you getting engaged?" saga, the new saga of "When is the wedding?" begins. Preempt the possibility of uncovering the more assertive members of your circle by promptly setting a date.

Schedule engagement photos

Before embarking on the delightful journey of wedding dress hunting, there's another crucial task to tackle. Take the time to find an accomplished photographer to capture your engagement memories. You'll be needing these photos for your Save the Date cards, invitations, and social media shares. These precious moments should be documented for a lifetime's worth of remembrance of this most special time.

Feeling like you've been swept up in a tornado of tasks? Always remember, the secret to enjoying wedding planning is to breathe. Take it one day at a time, one task at a time. Don't allow the growing checklist to overwhelm you. Whether it's a wedding planner or your parents, allow others to help navigate through your wedding preparations. Relax and focus on the most significant aspect of your wedding—pledging your love to your upcoming spouse..

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