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  • Charlotte Photographer: Tim Souza

Location Scouting

Bride and Groom with old car in Charlotte, NC

So, you’re most likely sitting down at home wishing and hoping you’ll find the energy and time to go out and scout out some fun new locations for your upcoming session. You’ve seen all the possible options near by, and feel completely bored with everything. This happens to me all too often, so I have made it a distinct point to keep my eyes open whenever I travel to a new location or drive a route I don’t normall take. Having a location that you enjoy is definitely something that makes a difference in a shoot.

While many of us don’t have the time to drive aimlessly looking for the perfect location, just being aware of surroundings will help you spot a unique place. First and foremost is always going to be safety. As amazing as a location might be, do NOT put yourselves in danger in any manner. I’m not going to say that every location I use is peachy keen, but they are also not places that I feel threatened at. Use your best judgement!

Next key point is to always try to scout at the time of day you will like your shoot at. This allows you to see what the light looks like. You could have the best location, but the light could be terrible! Be sure to see if there are spots that you can utilize different types of lighting (open shade, backlighting, etc.) which will offer you different options!

Another key point you want to be sure of is variety! Sometimes, one simple wall won’t cut it.

How much variety do you want out of a location? I love locations that offer a ton of variety, or that possibly have other great spots within walking distance/a short drive. Once you’ve scoped out a possible desired spot, take some time to just drive around. Keep making left turns till you get lost (obviously with GPS at hand!) and you’d be surprised what you can find.

Take a different way home and allow yourself a little extra time to explore on the way to run your errands.

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